Your Safety

Your safety is our highest priority!

At Torch Lake Windsurfing, we certainly want your visit to be enjoyable, but your safety on the water will always be our number one concern.  To ensure that, please note the following:

  • Life jackets will be provided, and we’ll insist that you wear one (bring your own if you prefer)
  • Equipment is available for all sailing levels, but you will need to qualify to take out anything other than entry-level equipment
  • A “land simulator” will safely get you started and prepare you for what you will feel on the water
  • Extra long tethers will keep beginners from getting too far from the beach
  • Wet suits are available for chilly days
  • A rescue boat always available at our dock
  • Lessons may be postponed in the event of inclement weather

 Make-up Lessons

We know that every day of vacation is important to you, but winds and weather are simply unpredictable.  Unsuitable weather may require that we postpone your lesson (thunderstorms will postpone everything, excessively heavy winds will require re-scheduling of beginner lessons, and extremely light winds may require re-scheduling advanced lessons).

If your lesson is postponed, we will do everything possible to find a mutually convenient time to re-schedule your lesson.

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